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CRO & SPONSOR DASHBOARDS Register to see your company and study specific dashboards created using public data combined with patient engagement data from PatienTrials
At PatienTrials, we use Machine Learning Algorithms for eligibility screening for matching trial to patients and patient to trials. Also, PatienTrials bots (wellness agents) to help patients in study specific surveys,medications,etc.
Eligibility Screening
  • Maps trial to various patients based on study criteria
  • Maps patient to various trials based on patient records
  • Auto Wellness Agents
  • Study specific templates with configurable notifications
  • Auto Track subject schedules (Prescription, appointments)
  • Adverse Event Detection
  • Identify & Capture AE related terms from PGHD (Patient Generated Health Data)
  • Auto compare with known cross drug interactions
  • Site Solutions PatienTrials provides collaborative community at site level to optimize operations with a single interface across multiple studies

    (Note: IRB Approval may be needed for certain studies for patient monitoring)
    Manage all studies
    CTMS Integration
    Patient-centric platform
    Patient Recruitment
    Patient Recruitment Using Social Media, Bots & AI Improve patient recruitment through continuous engagement using modern methods on our patient-centric platform Leave Patient
    Recruitment to Us!

    EHR Integration

    Access to 250 Million patients
    health records across 1000's of Health Systems
    • Medical History
    • Immunizations
    • Medications
    • Problems
    • Appointments
    • Lab Results
    • Allergies
    Check out data from multiple
    Health Systems in one place.
    Patient Monitoring
    Monitors patients using study specific IRB approved smart devices and wearables (includes smartwatches), BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) devices, to get high quality PGHD (Patient Generated Health Data) and report to study team
    AI ENABLED AUTO-AGENTS Patients can converse with AI enabled chatbots for study specific help and set reminders for their appoinments and medications
    SURVEY BOTS Study Specific survey bots to collect timely data for various stages of a clinical trial img
    WHITE-LABELED PATIENT STORIES White-labeled site solution for your site to enable patient stories. Let your patients share their stories regarding their journey and participation in a study
    • Create Story
    • Share with social media
    Let patients share their experience and inspire others to participate in a study
    WHITE-LABELED CAREGIVER SOLUTION FOR SITES Recruit and empower your caregivers to facilitate patients by offering help in their treatment, communicating with care team, family members etc. FEATURES
    • Study Specific Community Access
    • Mobility Assistance to the patient care team
    • Record timely data
    • Access to patient surveys
    • Access to consent as a conversation
    Out-of-the-box CTMS Connectors PatienTrials connects to your existing CTMS (Clinical Trials Management System) effortlessly to improve efficiencies at site-level for patient recruitment and retention. PatienTrials helps you to manage Study monitoring, Patient monitoring, Patient retention and adherence with less effort at site level. Plug-in PatienTrials into your current solutions to improve efficiencies
    Personalized Community site level, study/patient-specific community
    Patient connected to study team, they are just one text away with PatienTrials
    Patient Centric Platform for Clinical Trials.
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